Aynn's Story!
Stokin comel xD.
♛ You Lighted Up My World ♛: Wanna Know About Me ?

Wanna Know About Me ?

Greetings to all. Let's know me more.

[The name]
Zainul Farhain Binti Zainul Fikri . It's kinda boyish aite ? I know :) ya'll can call me aynn . 

[The B.O.D]
My mum gave birth to on 1st April 1997 . I'm still young :)
I live in the capital of Malaysia . If you dont know where's capital of Malaysia , you should go to preschool :D

A well-known school \i think so/, SMK Cochrane , Jalan Shahbandar.

Nop. Now in a relationship with him 

~ Know others + make friends.
~ Purple Pink Orange+++.
~ Cody Simspon \not a die hard fans/.
~ Vincci , Vintage .
~ My Samsung Corby Pro GT-B5310.

> JPop's and Kpop's die-hard-fans.
> Politicals issues.
> Liers, copycatters , haters + much more.

[History of this blog]
I've created this blog about nine months ago which is February 2011 . jyeah (Y) i'm still newbie .